Wednesday, May 4, 2011

ITRadio Ep. 4 Graeme’s State of the Internet… Undressed (1st released: 7.21.05)

IT is simply amazing to re-remember what you talked about over 5yrs ago.  Somethings change, somethings don’t.  I remember writing this all down and laying on the blue couch in my St Paul living room and tried to get the ‘right voice’ for my long winded rant.  Oh, and a whole lot of “p”opping going on!

“Graeme goes off for over 15+ min. about how the interent is the backbone of everything. he talks about how the World Wide Web is fucked (over and over), how podcasts,RSS are taking over, and BBS/Newsgroups will make a comeback. Thats only the 1st two min, and the last 3 min. and tons of other funny crap that comes otta his mouth in between If you don’t like lots of swearing, this is NOT for you.”

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