Tuesday, April 12, 2011

ITRadio is “back” and Re-Releasing All Episodes!

Ladies and germs, boys and girls, CHILDREN of the middle ages, IT is time for ITRadio’s archive of episodes to be re-released out to the masses in a weekly format.  The first episode will be re-released tomorrow, 4/13/11!

First things first… after nearly 5yrs to the day of hosting & producing over 300 episodes (including Quickies, Rapping w/the Rev…), I was burnt out.  Some could say I ‘podfaded,’ which is something I said I would never do, but I did.  Despite that fact, ITRadio and podcasting never left my mind.  Phuck, I have another podcast already thought of… but I’m lacking the motivation.  

I am going to be re-releasing every episode, touching up the audio of the shows, and possibly bringing new shows to the table.  The new shows may be released under the ITRadio brand, or have a new name all together, but I won’t make any promises either way.

For those that still subscribe to the feed and didn’t know OR didn’t follow me, my twitter name is no longer @itradio. After 20,000 tweets, I needed a change since ITRadio was “gone,” and needed to move on… I am now @g_raeme!

So this is IT… welcome to the ‘start’ of ITRadio!”

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