Sunday, March 13, 2016

ITRadio – Vulgarity Chronicles 4 (The 2015 Reunion Show Edition) (Explicit As Phuck)

A little over 10 years ago, ITRadio released Episode 64, The Vulgarity Chronicles. We took out all the stupid BS and that left the real meat and potatoes of ITRadio, the vulgarities.

Last summer, Frosty & Graeme had their ITRadio 10yr Anniversary Special, and now you get “the best of” that episode. Enjoy, because we’re kicking IT old skool!

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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

ITRadio is “back” and Re-Releasing All Episodes!

Ladies and germs, boys and girls, CHILDREN of the middle ages, IT is time for ITRadio’s archive of episodes to be re-released out to the masses in a weekly format.  The first episode will be re-released tomorrow, 4/13/11!

First things first… after nearly 5yrs to the day of hosting & producing over 300 episodes (including Quickies, Rapping w/the Rev…), I was burnt out.  Some could say I ‘podfaded,’ which is something I said I would never do, but I did.  Despite that fact, ITRadio and podcasting never left my mind.  Phuck, I have another podcast already thought of… but I’m lacking the motivation.  

I am going to be re-releasing every episode, touching up the audio of the shows, and possibly bringing new shows to the table.  The new shows may be released under the ITRadio brand, or have a new name all together, but I won’t make any promises either way.

For those that still subscribe to the feed and didn’t know OR didn’t follow me, my twitter name is no longer @itradio. After 20,000 tweets, I needed a change since ITRadio was “gone,” and needed to move on… I am now @g_raeme!

So this is IT… welcome to the ‘start’ of ITRadio!”

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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

My First EP Has Been Released (For Free): Non-Titled.EP

The following 5 tracks run just shy of 20min and can be downloaded from (  Please check out my tracks, give me feedback, and pass this post, or the tracks along to your friends, too.

Non-Titled.EP by tourettesradio

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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Graeme’s 1st track using Abelton Live 8 – Taking Subways d.e.m.o

This is my first d.e.m.o track I’ve written using Ableton Live 8 and the APC40 controller. Hosted on

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Friday, December 4, 2009

Graeme’s Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-12-04

  • I’m NOT bringing leftovers to work… I will take my chances on the few non-mall-populated parking lots for food… going2work early #
  • Why is Brookdale Mall still open? When you have more employees parked @ Sears than customers on Black Friday should give you that hint! #
  • While I twoop, I will think about lunch time food choices…. still! #twooping #
  • TwentyH8: Day 5 of figuring out where I’m having lunch today… Only an hour or two before I figure this out! #
  • I still have no idea what I’m doing for lunch, BUTT, I’m going that-a-way! *points in the direction of food w/o malls & stores* #
  • I have DQ for lunch . and thanks to that choice, my friend/co-worker & I saw some dude in a mustang have a #hugefail trying to drift a turn! #
  • #20H8: The dumbass who pissed on the toilet seat that I had to wipe off AND used the last of the paper towels & di.. #
  • I haven’t taken psycho-ex calls (FROM 10YRS AGO) for 2 years now. I now have documentation that she’s crazy;like really fucking crazy! #
  • As long as selling out is considered un-cool to do, that is my life goal & I once I will sell out, I’ll do my best to always stay overrated! #
  • Chick leaves a v-mail, gave no account info, but did give her ph#. I called to get the accnt & she swore she never.. #
  • Look for an ITRadio Kwiky in the near future… this is too funny not to keep to myself. #
  • RT @yeradis: btw , this is free advertisement I LOVE ANDROID PHONE #
  • I like how Friday felt like Monday, but feels like Friday now that work is done! #
  • Do you know why #tacojohns is 100x better than McDonalds OR Taco Bell?!? Easy, TJ’s medium sodas are the same size as the other’s larges! #
  • I’m enjoying my post Tday #tacojohns and I’m about to see @peeweeherman on Conan (thanks DVR!) #
  • Does anyone know where I can get a “@peeweeherman riding on a Roomba” toy for Christmas? #
  • If I had the chance to interview @mjkeenan, the first question would be: What are your thoughts on flying penguins in the jungle? #
  • RT @EmoJesus: I am creating the TwitterCommandments! Commandment 1: Thou shall not RT #followfriday. Create your own! #
  • When the cat is out of the bag, IT means sugar cubes are made of what? #
  • I need to get a move on with whatever work I’m doing today… website, music stuff, twooping… yeah, twooping, I’ll go do that now! #
  • I have yet to twoop in a porta-potty or an outhouse & I have no desire to do so. #thinkingwhiletwooping #twooping #
  • Support #@cyanogen, add a #twibbon to your avatar now! – #
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